Kerdh; The Cornish for Journey.

Reading material to stimulate the mind, inspire the heart and bring hope to the soul.

Kerdh; The Cornish for Journey.

Reading material to stimulate the mind, inspire the heart and bring hope to the soul.

Faith boost for Thursday

Yesterday was Holocaust memorial day, a time in humanity’s history when humanity demonstrated its capacity for evil.

Today the pandemic across the world has demonstrated how humanity, can have a capacity for great goodness. Albeit in localised contexts. WE must also recognise that everyone of us in every situation has the capacity to respond differently dependent on our own context.

Context is everything. A simple reading of the German Pastor Dietrich Bonhoeffer, demonstrates how the crowd can have a massive impact on the choices of the individual. The moral maze of life causes us to reflect afresh in every situation.

We make moral decisions on perhaps lesser stark situations on a daily basis. The problem is we fail to recognise this and therefore can blindly make decisions without reflecting why. Which is why and how atrocities like the Holocaust can happen.

If we were told that by spending five minutes a day reflecting on our decisions, our visions for a better future, and that five minutes would enable us to make better decisions we would take that five minutes wouldn’t we. Five minutes away from ur mobile devices, five minutes less on social media, perhaps five minutes longer in the bathroom. A simple five minutes of self reflection. Some may call it prayer, others mindfulness, others meditation, others downtime. Whatever we call it, take five minutes a day, to stop, and in stopping we open our eyes the choices before us, cos not everything in life is a forgone conclusion.

faith boost for Tuesday

In the circle of my working life the end of January marks the preparation for Lent. Lent looking forward to the joy of Easter. Easter the symbol of the ultimate hope that death has been taken away as the final act in the tragic comic drama called our lives. For at the moment life seems a tragedy. Some we know have lost their lives to this virus, whichever strain. Despite people we know dying from it I still see members of our community breaking the guidelines seeing themselves as being impervious to its effects. Life does continue, though changed for so many. For so many the only point of human contact Is the amazon or Tesco delivery driver. Others live in fear of losing their job. Our children’s education loses hours each day, and not just the cognitive ability but also their mental health and for those who have tried homeschooling the mental health of the parents too. Where does Christianity stand in all this? As far as I get it, our faith is dependent on God sharing the life of humanity with us; through creation and through what we call the incarnation, “God with us”. The narrative of Jesus’ life which finishes with the death on the cross, before history is re-written. God is in the hurting, the vulnerable, the oppressed. If you think God is in the ivory tower watching over us then that is a faith based on hope, a hope we can do nothing about. Whereas my understanding of God being one of us means that we have the responsibility to be part of the solution at this present time. And now, as clear as a bright winter’s day that path forward is obvious. We know how to keep others safe, we know how we can lessen the number of times that Treliske looks like a war zone with ambulances queued up. We stay at home, we stay safe, we do what we have to do and find wonder on that which is around. There maybe little positives for many families, but actually we have no idea what the future holds, so if there is something that we can enjoy, do it and do it now, for if we all looked at the goodness, however small, that is there, then we do begin to change life around, albeit slowly. We put anxiety in its place; recognising it is there, but not letting it control every aspect of our life. For me, the faith of which I am part is real, in that life hurts, is often mundane, frequently full of mistakes, and through it all there is something of love that survives, a love that is given that we may receive.

Faith Boost for ......

Five year old hs moved on from Frozen 2 and decided to watch "Tangled". It is a Disney take on Rapunzel, she with the long hair living in isolation. Well knock me down with feather, the town she is isolated from is called Corona. Was I the only person on the planet not to now this? Seventeen year old twins did. What have I been doing with my life? So here we have a story perfectly made for this time. And what does she do, she dreams of not being in isolation, she confronts her fears, she takes risks to do the right thing. She makes herself uncomfortable and she makes herself vulnerable. There was a right time to come out of isolation, there was a right time to hope and in the meantime she prepared herself, she was ready. Let us learn from Rapunzel, because we will all have long grey hair at the end of this, let us prepare for a better future.