Kerdh; The Cornish for Journey.

Reading material to stimulate the mind, inspire the heart and bring hope to the soul.

Kerdh; The Cornish for Journey.

Reading material to stimulate the mind, inspire the heart and bring hope to the soul.

Pete's Prayer

A Prayer Request for a mother and her son

A Prayer for Healing

Prayer Request for Fenella

Please take a few moments to pray this prayer for Fenella, her family, each other and ourselves.

There are times in our lives when the future is on a precipice, we want, need to know what the future holds, for our present moment is full of unknowing. It is the biggest worry we have, it is the most human and ever present concern. In the stillness help us all to rest in this moment and see the stillness as calm. Let us not hurry tomorrow, for it never comes, but lets us rather enjoy what we do have for it is precious right now. The anxiety of our future can only destroy our present. Let us once more open our eyes to the preciousness of a new day and place into God’s hands the moments to come.

Prayers for Sunday 17th

Faith boost for Sunday. What is prayer about?How can we pray and see so many prayers not answered?Rather than theologise or sermonise, these are the prayers we shall be praying tomorrow at our OnLine service. For me this is a more helpful way to understand prayer.

A prayer for Alice

Lord, When so much of our lives is dominated by one thing, we forget that our bodies are gloriously frail and need cherishing at all times. As we look to help others it becomes so easy not see how vulnerable we have become. We pray for Alice, whose life has been dedicated to helping and loving the marginalised and weak throughout all creation but whsoe own body has become weak and vulnerable itself. So we now  pray for her, as she has for us, asking that she may maintain her spirit in this adversity, that she may grow strong in her weakness and that she may learn to accept the healing of others in her frailty. We ask this O creator, healer and comforter. Amen

A Prayer for those with Covid; this prayer has been written for Mark and his family

O God, there is so much in this world that frightens us, so much that is out of our control, that can hurt us and damage us. In our fear help us to stay calm, in our pain help us to love, and in our illness help us to bring healing.And Lord, when we are well, help us to remeber what we can do to make the world a safer place, that we may not be a cause of bringing anxiety, pain or illness to others. In the name of the cross bearer we pray. Amen

A prayer for Steven

Lord, sometimes life comes up on us by surprise and it stops us in our tracks. Help us heal ourselves by listening to our bodies, listening to those who love us and giving ourselves time to heal in body, mind and soul. We ask this from you our creator who knows us better than we know ourselves. Amen

A prayer for Sue

A Prayer for Isobel

Lord, we can only place into your hands all that we are. Help those who face new challenges in life, on top of all the other challenges together we embrace. We hold Isobel in our hearts as she faces the next stage of her personal fight against the big C. And Lord, because actually we can do ittle to help, remind us that we can help her by giving her the space to avoid the complications of Covid. Amen

Losing yur life partner

When you your life partner is taken from you, no matter how slow or quick the process, it is like your very heart and soul being taken from you. The emptiness, the loneliness, the inability to focus. It isn't about grief of another it is about losing something of your very being. 

We have been asked to pray for Sue who has lost her Jan:-

O' God who knows the pain of loss, the anguish of despair. We hold Sue in our thoughts and prayers, knowing that we cannot do or say anything that will relieve her loss so we pray that however she needs us we will be there for her and her needs, that we may respond with loving care when we are called upon. AMEN

Fenella, Chrissie and Billy

We've been asked to pray for Fenella and Chrissie and Billy;


Gentle God, who speaks to us through the thorns of life, and who leads us with clouds of dust and pillars of fire and stands with us as we walk through the darkest valleys, we pray for Fenella, Chrissie and Billy  and their families. May we light a candle of hope in our hearts that we may hold onto your love when they can't, that we may let your love shine through our hearts that they may feel hope, love and peace as they know that though distance may seperate, nothing can keep them apart from our and your love O Lord. Amen

A Real Prayer

Prayer requests ©

Please pray for Maz.


Please pray for Shirley


Please pray for Gavin


As we pray for them, remember the EzraHub is there for people to touch base with themselves at the end of each day. Doing this is a good wellbeing exercise. 

Prayer from the heart