Kerdh; The Cornish for Journey.

Reading material to stimulate the mind, inspire the heart and bring hope to the soul.

Kerdh; The Cornish for Journey.

Reading material to stimulate the mind, inspire the heart and bring hope to the soul.

Saltiness 9.2.20 Read Matthew 5:13-20

Salt as we know brings flavour out of food; let’s the food truly be the food it can be. It enables, facilitates, It heals. ​

A light is there to demonstrate what it is, to banish the dark corners of fear. Unknowing will still exist but nothing is hidden, the room becomes transparent if not understood. ​​

Jesus then follows this up with an explanation of his ministry - do not think I am here to abolish rather the reverse to fulfil. In other words I am here to bring the true self out of you, to enable you to be the people you were created be.

Anything in life, any portrayal of you that is not you is not of God.​​God wants you to be truly you, loved as you are. Yes there are anger issues, anxiety issues, compliant issues, sometimes we work too hard, sometimes not hard enough- but actually you as you, not in comparison to anyone else, you as you is loved. ​​

Jesus came and lives that we might fulfill this potential that is Us, and we as the people Of faith are here to enable others to fulfil their potential. ​​

How- by loving first and foremost and last and forevermore, and by doing that we fulfil the commandments all 613 of them, one positive  one for each day of the year and one negative one for each bone or major organ in our body. ​​Our body ourselves that is loved, and therefore needs to forgive and heal itself so that it can be taught and needs to teach, to forgive and heal; to teach love to teach God.​​

The use of salt as metaphor demonstrates to us, that to be true to who we are, to be the divine being God created us as, we need the support and help from outside of ourselves, whether that be as us as individuals or a body corporate.​​

The use of the light as metaphor demonstrates to us that we must acknowledge our faults rather than hide them, because our faults are easy for others to see so must be transparent and in being transparent we also demonstrate our gifts.​​Fulfilment roots us in the past as we branch out to the future, not confined by the past but the past becomes a sure foundation for the springboard for the future.

​​The healing of ourselves by forgiving ourselves is paramount to the future genuineness of who we are. Forgiveness and healing must be accepted before it can be shared; love must be accepted and God is love, and that love has already come to meet us if only we would accept it.